About QSi

At QSi, our core purpose is to provide people with opportunities and enrichment through work. Underlying this core purpose are our values.

About Us

QSi was established in 1989 as a consulting firm providing IT resources across North America. Since then, we have carefully and strategically expanded our capabilities to provide a wide range of professional IT services. As one of Canada’s leading IT consulting firms, we specialize in providing exceptional talent to our clients. We dedicate our time to networking, leveraging the latest industry technologies, and sourcing highly qualified people so when our clients are ready to hire, we can easily tap into our extensive network.


QSi’s mission is to provide opportunities and enrichment through work. We offer a customized approach to each search, ensuring that clients find the best person for each position they are looking to fill. We work with each individual to understand their goals, career growth, and experience to round out a successful partnership. We are committed to building lasting relationships with organizations to provide expertise and insight.

Standards and values

We deliver our best

Deliver our best.

We deliver our best by doing the basics of our business exceptionally well. We are responsive and dedicated.

We deliver our best


We are committed to acting in the best interests of our clients, consultants, and staff. We keep our promises.

We deliver our best


We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by adding value. We are flexible and innovative in our approach with our staff, clients, and consultants.

We deliver our best


We value fairness, honesty, and respect in all our relationships.


Our ability to live our values is dependent on open and respectful communication in all that we do.

Our Team

Each and every one of our employees represents the values of our company. We go to great lengths to identify highly skilled resources with diverse experience and skill sets to produce an effective, well-rounded, and talented workforce. Our methods and practices have been refined over decades of experience, and we have a talented team of professionals serving clients Industry-wide.