At QSi, we take a tactical approach to IT staffing. We will work with you to evaluate your hiring needs based on the results and business outcomes you want to achieve. We’ll plan proactive recruiting strategies, and ensure you will have on-demand access to technology consultants with the skills and experience your company requires.

Contract Resources

In IT, nothing is guaranteed. Priorities change, budgets get slashed, and fire-fighting is a daily occurrence. Yet, somehow, you are still expected to get work done on time and within budget.

At QSi, we take a strategic approach to IT staffing. We are proud to consistently rank well above the IT staffing industry average for IT talent reutilization. We are able to do this by building and maintaining relationships with the best IT contractors we have placed over the years. For your business, this means highly skilled and experienced resources that fit seamlessly within your organization.

Temporary Staffing

QSi understands that there are situations where temporary employees are needed. With our temporary staffing option, you get the extra staff you need, only as you need them. It’s an efficient staffing solution that eliminates the costly expense of maintaining full-time staff during slower periods, with the option of having them paid as employees.


Using our rigorous right-candidate right-job recruitment model, QSi’s team of professionals will ensure we acquire the best IT talent for your team. We understand the importance of hiring highly-skilled resources for long term employee retention and business success. Our recruitment team will meet with you to discuss your needs in depth before tapping into our extensive network to provide you with the candidates you and your company need.

Contract to Hire

When one of our IT consultants is converted to a permanent full-time employee, we consider it the highest compliment our clients can pay us. Providing integral, valuable, and long-term IT resources is our goal with each and every placement.

Some of our clients want the option of a permanent full-time employee but need the assurance of getting exactly the right IT professional for their position and company culture. QSi will help you plan and achieve a staffing solution that is beneficial to you, the customer, and the IT professional.

Project Based Managed Services

We offer a range of Project Based Services that will facilitate a smooth transition of resources to your organization. To ensure these services deliver what you need, we will assign a team of highly skilled professionals who will work with you to establish the exact requirements and manage the project through each phase through to successful completion. At QSi, our managed services experts identify our clients’ strategic options and configure complex  integrated projects. We have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to maintain complete control and transparency across the process; and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn.