Payroll Solutions

QSi offers a full range of consulting services – from the full life cycle development through to implementation and support. A wide range of our services are also offered as a Managed Service and Outsourcing.

QSi essentially acts as your Payroll Department. We address compliance issues, implement best practices, perform complete reconciliations and handle all required remittances on your behalf. QSi ensures accurate and timely payments to employees allowing you to free up more of your resources. Using our payroll solutions allows for freedom from remittance reporting and ensures headache free year end for you and your team.

Some features of our Outsourced Payroll solution:

  • Vacation, sick and other accruals entitled, taken, available and reporting
  • Calculation of “what-if” scenarios with the latest employee data
  • Provincial and E.I. account changes with separate tracking for multiple T4s within same employee record
  • Pay stub messaging to individuals or to all employees
  • Printing of direct deposit advise slips and forwarding to distribution centers
  • Ability to view final results before being sent for direct deposit
  • Remitting to Government Agencies and maintaining your records
  • Ability to process off-cycle pay runs
  • Complete year end processing and guidance along with filing to the various government agencies